NUTRIDOS products

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Oat Plus (1)


Nutridos Oat Plus is formulated with oats, barley and 20% Beta Glucan (soluble fibre) to lower blood cholesterol and heart risk.

NUTRIDOS Livcare (60’s)

Nutridos Livcare contains Silymarin (antioxidant) + Vit B-complex, which support healthy liver function and regeneration of liver cells.

NUTRIDOS Flexi-Lov (30’S)

Nutridos Flexi-Lov is a food supplement containing Type-II collagen, Boswellia serrata extract and ginger juice powder for joint health.

NUTRIDOS B-Co Plus (2 x 60’s)

Nutridos B-Co Plus is a daily supplement containing multivitamins, minerals and folic acid – ideal for improving overall health and well-being.

NUTRIDOS Bifido Plus (30’s)

Nutridos Bifido is formulated with 10 billions of CFU probiotics and prebiotics per sachet, suitable for improving gut health.


NUTRIDOS Calcium + Vit D (2 x 60’s)

Nutridos Calcium + Vit D supports healthy bones and joints with natural seaweed calcium, vitamin D and trace minerals.

NUTRIDOS Nutri-E [60’s]

Nutridos Nutri-E lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease with its Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich star ingredient: tocotrienols.


NUTRIDOS Lov-Asure (2 x 14’s)

Nutridos Lov-asure is a meal replacement drink that provides complete nutrition with more than 24 vitamins and minerals added.