Lovy Pharmacy is an on demand pharmacy in Malaysia where we aim to provide the highest standards of healthcare service & convenience.  

We are known as the “BRICK & CLICK” Specialty pharmacy whereby we combine the ‘bricks’ of conventional pharmacy and ‘clicks’ of technology advancements together.

You are now able to consult our doctors, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians and nutritionists; and make purchases whenever and wherever. 

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Professional Health Consultation


100% Genuine Medicines

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Free Prescription Refill

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Fast Delivery within 24 hours*


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We help government servant/pensioners and or their dependants to obtain their medications/medical devices that are not available in the hospitals, or when hospital has a limited budget/quota for a particular medication/medical device. LOVYCARE caters on-stop service to assist patients in dealing with related government departments for financing their medications/ medical devices approval/ procurement and supply, for the utmost benefit of patients



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“I have purchased my supplements from Lovy Pharmacy Online for many times, and they never fail to impress me! Good job!”

Ms LimKS Melaka, October 2014


“Great Service Ever”

Alexander Chan Sabah, July 2014


“I have purchased my supplements from Lovy Pharmacy Online for many times, and they never fail to impress me! Good job!”

Ms LimKS Melaka, October 2014


“Good! Good! Good! Will visit again!”

Melissa Johor, December 2014


“Great service for both Ask Our Pharmacist & Delivery service. I am very happy! Your pharmacist is nice & very helpful! Thumbs up!!”

Mr Zain Perlis, October 2014


“I am so happy to receive my supplements today! Thank you!”

Veronica Klang, August 2014


“I placed my order on 4th March and go it on the next day! Will definitely shop online agian! Thank you, Lovy Pharmacy.”

Cik Farahin Melaka, March 2014


“Fast & Efficient! Many many LIKES!!”

Ms Chin Kuala Lumpur, April 2014


“I received the package yesterday. Your service makes me surprised becuase it was really so fast. many thanks!!”

Van Anh Vietnam, June 2015


“I LOVE your delivery service”

Mdm Teressa Kelantan, April 2014


“I have got my parcel!! Very fast & efficient! Love your service!”

Mr Tan Kepong, January 2014


“Thank you, Lovy Pharmacy! Received today!”

Siti Terengganu, May 2014


“I was so happy when I saw the package on desk at my office this morning! Thank you for your good selling service, and our coorperation still remain!!!”

Van Anh Vietnam, June 2014


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