Sexual Health

Our Founder Lovy who is also a Supreme Council Leader of the Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild (MCPG), has always been someone who goes beyond the norm to make great things happen. Lovy states “We want to be seen as healthcare professionals that want to take care of people’s health, and not be viewed simply as drug traders.”

On 8 March 2020, a summit titled “Advancing Pharmacists Role – Myths and Facts about Sexual Health and Family Planning” was held by the MCPG. Its aim was to empower pharmacists, doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to help men and women to take control of their sexual health and family planning.

As such, all Lovy Pharmacy Pharmacists are trained and well equipped in handling in matters pertaining to sexual health.

Having years of experience in Family planning as well as STD prevention, our pharmacists are able to provide advice and solutions that cater to your needs.