Green Pharmacy

The incredibly long and pointless story 1

Ben had a dog that he had dressed up in an alpaca suit and then he had eaten it.

Then all of a sudden Australia floated down up into the sky and then all the computers went feral and started eating cheese.

They and ate and ate and ate and ate and then they all blew up. Then Ben sneezed and the world blew up.

Adam Sandler (In the movie Click) used his remote to rewind time to the age of dinosaurs and he got eaten up by a piece of dirt.

The incredibly long and pointless story 2

Once or maybe 1 000 000 000 times there was a boy called Ben.

This paragraph was a waste of time and space. If you had not read this and I had not typed this you and I could’ve done something more productive than reading this mindlessly and carelessly as if you did not have anything else to do in life. Life is so precious because it is short and you are being so careless that you do not realize it until now

If you had not noticed, you have wasted an estimated time of 20 seconds. Imagine what you could’ve done with those 20 seconds besides reading this non-productive paragraph. Imagine the things you could’ve accomplished. Imagine the possibilities. But time is irreversible and you still do not realize this.If you haven’t realized that, then you have not yet read the whole paragraph. 

This is the second paragraph. Please take your time reading because there is a very funny joke in it. After painstaking surgery, Ben was as good as new. Ben went to a penguin suit shop and bought a penguin suit. Then he went to a pet shop and bought two Siamese fighting fish who were mauling each other. Soon one got killed and the victor called Victor said “Hooray I won so I will have an extreme makeover so I can look like this: {}{!” But then the dead fish called Dead Fish said “Then I want to have a makeover so I can look like this: ()(!”Then Ben downloaded pirated music onto his I-pod and went to jail. Then his Siamese fighting fish bashed up all the guards in the jail and Ben could go home. Suddenly the world crashed into Venus which crashed into Mercury which crashed into the sun and made the whole multi-verse explode.