LOVY PHARMACY is a chain of retail pharmacy birthed out from the conversion of BP dispensaries. Lovy Pharmacies are connected and located next to BP Diagnostic Centres, whereby the two operates synergistically. Lovy Pharmacy aims to take pharmacy services in Malaysia to the next level. In addition to provision of pharmaceutical products and supplements at competitive prices, we emphasize on services that are pre-requisites to better treatment and disease management outcomes of our customers via thorough medication assessment and counseling, known as the Medicine Check Up. Lovy Pharmacy also offers travel health services and counseling; prompt medication delivery for home and Lovy Online Pharmacy.

Despite being on cyberspace, with Lovy Online Pharmacy you can enjoy a personal consultation with our pharmacists through our interactive tools. Our customers are encouraged to ask questions about their medications and health. Lovy Pharmacy customers can now enjoy pharmacy convenience with just a few clicks away, without traffic jams and parking problems. Lovy Pharmacy aspires to facilitate the healthcare process from doctor consultation to the provision of treatment by creating a nationwide pharmacy-doctor network that enables its participating doctors and patients to enjoy hassle-free yet rapid pharmacy services. In the near future, Lovy Pharmacy hopes to emulate the system has already been in place in the developed nations, through provision of convenient repeat prescription refills to ensure treatment continuity, delivered to the patient’s doorstep.

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