What is LovyCare?

We help government servants/pensioners and or their dependants to obtain their medications/medical devices that are not available in the hospitals, or when hospital has a limited budget/quota for a particular medication/medical device. LOVYCARE caters on-stop service to assist patients in dealing with related government departments for financing their medications/ medical devices approval/ procurement and supply, for the utmost benefit of patients

Why LovyCare?
  • Faster turn around time (TAT) to get approval for medication supply
  • No upfront payment required
  • Free-of-charge
  • Accessibility and convenience (more than 50+ outlets of Lovy Pharmacy & dispensaries nationwide)
  • Hassle-free medication refill
  • Free home/doorstep delivery *Value-added services such as Medicines Check Up, Webcam Pharmacy, Drive-thru Pharmacy, Medication Reminder Service, Personalised Medication Counselling*
What are the types of medicine/medical device that can be supplied?

All products may be supplied if they are not available from Government Hospitals/Clinics. For example: medicines, hearing aid, implant, injections, lens.

Do I have to pay for the products?

No upfront payment required, except for certain products that may take longer time for approval and if you need them urgently.

How long do I have to wait for my medication/medical device?

We will call you for collection/ arrange for delivery once approved from health authority, depends on individual authority.

Can I get all my medicines supply at one time?

Your doctor will indicate on the prescription how long you need to take those medications and we will dispense according to what approved by individual organization.


Encik Saniman, Kuching

“LovyCare staff updated me the status of stock ordering constantly through phone calls to make sure I get updated on the status of application.
I’m satisfied with the service as my dad received the correct item just in time right before he went back to his hometown.”